Finally Me, and Certainty, and Flowers [Finalmente Yo, y la Certeza y las Flores] {original poem + poema original}

Being in New York through this world-length poem of resistance has been the greatest gift that this city have placed on my pockets.  I'll explain myself.  Please, allow me a few seconds as I rearrange my face mask and pretend to care less about what's happening on this Express train on route to Washington Heights.


You see, peque,
in this train,
as I sit,
life is so ever present.
You see,
within this little moment,
there's no more space for the unresolved,
there's no more space for what makes the heart ache,
not anymore.
As I travel from the Lower East Side
crossing this everlasting island-city
from the quiet limits of Chinatown to the Heights
I am finally finding myself
here, peque,
I am
more human
and less bothered.


What a beautiful thought it is
to finally think of myself as a living being in this city,
as part
of the avenues
as part
of the dreamers
as part of
all of it.

Sugar and Coffee
Fantasy and Reality
(Every millisecond)
Merging in
to abandon
so many beliefs
so many drafts
of whom I thought I should be,
of what I thought life could be.


To think of myself as all of it
Rain and Fog
Fog and Sun
Sun and Bridges
Bridges and Carry-Out Messengers
and Ramen
and Love
Love and Me,
Finally Me, and Certainty, and Flowers
Flowers, peque, and the Entire Universe.



Author: YINQ

Last Modified: March 19, 2020, 9:09am

Created: March 17, 2020

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